A World Leader…or still a spoiled child?

No, I’m not referring to the former president, even though this comparison is often made to Trump. I’m talking about America as a whole, and that it hasn’t changed in some critical ways. In the new CoVid policies of Biden, he is still unfortunately and tragically pursuing an. America First program.

The world everywhere is in desperate need of the vaccine. Everyone could benefit being vaccinated by May, not just Americans. The works is like a lake that is on fire, each nation is a boat trying to put the flames out. The vaccine, our fire extinguisher, is not available for every nation on our lake.

The States is sitting on Astra Zeneca vaccines, currently being warehoused. Some advisers in Washington say these could be sent abroad, but Biden responded that he won’t be shipping any away until America is taken care of – First! He is the product of his electorate, and he obviously doesn’t want to be seen as failing to defend Americans.

This is where the problem lays. In pursuing their we-take-care-of-us lifestyle, the US is prolonging this mess for the entire world, themselves included. The fire on the lake will keep burning until it is extinguished, or at least seriously controlled.

The vaccinations, the extinguishers, sitting in the US have a shelf life of six months. There needs to be a three month interval between the two doses of Astra Zeneca. In a few more weeks, the portion of the vaccine that is the second dose will not be of any use, rendering the whole supply of vaccines questionable, if not worthless. Once it expires, this stockpile will be destroyed, while others are in need. This would not be the result of a distribution problem, but of a decision to hoard.

Biden and people with him want to hold onto this supply (and quite possible not use it) because they simply want a back-up for their main hopes in the other brands of vaccines. Meanwhile, the rest of the world on our burning lake wait, and wait.

Other people and other nations get it, they know that we must tackle this problem together. The EU, which doesn’t have enough to fulfill its own needs, exported 34 million vaccines to countries who need it even more. I know many Americans think this foolish, but that’s where they don’t get it.

The fire will keep burning until it is controlled, worldwide. The US cannot seal its borders to that extent, ICE cannot practically stop a virus at the border. The fire will keep burning. We are either in this together, or we go down together. The America First (take care or us) value system won’t allow the US to get together with other nations; it has always been a problem. ‘Promoting democracy’ has meant propping up dictatorships in Latin America and Asia, in order to help American interests.

True that the US is just another example. of many, even most countries; we all are selfish sometimes. But the US remains one of the strongest, in many ways still the strongest, in the world. Biden speaks of returning America to its leadership role. I have news for him. Leaders are not selfish with their vaccines. Leaders are not hoarders or spoiled children (my apologies to the vast majority of children who don’t deserve the label). Leaders are compassionate, leaders show concern, care and help for those in need.

Or else they just remain being bullies.

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